Rachel Damiani Dance

Hello Loves, We both love to get dolled up with fancy dresses and putting on our favorite pair of dancing shoes. Whether you have smooth feet on the dance floor or maybe a couple of lefts, don't worry we have just the right person to introduce you to. Dancing with the Stars is in Rachel Damiani's (Rachel Damiani/Dance Instructor) bloodline and she'll have you looking just as good as the stars and starlets on your big screen.

Rachel grew up watching her parents perform international folk dance and historical ballroom dances from behind the stage. But it wasn’t until after college when she started watching those dance shows on TV that she got the dance bug. Bad! Rachel started by taking private lessons, then competing (Strictly Ballroom style with rhinestone-studded costumes, fake tan and lashes!) and within a few years, had made the leap from HR to teaching ballroom so she could pursue her passion full time.

One of the best parts of her job as a dance teacher is helping engaged couples with their wedding dance. That’s because most couples she works with have zero dance experience. "I love watching my students’ faces light up as they master their dance in such a short time, excited to show their family and friends. Not to mention taking dance lessons makes for a great date night!" Many couples are initially concerned that having professional dance lessons will make their first dance too fancy or too cheesy looking. That’s why for most people Rachel teaches simple, achievable steps that allow couples to gain comfort and confidence without being overly showy. But occasionally Rachel is asked to choreograph something really wild so the couple can surprise their guests, like a dramatic Tango, classic jazzy Foxtrot, or even a dance that mimics a famous movie scene. Whatever the couple’s vision for their dance, it’s so much fun to see it come to life in the end! And don’t worry, no fake tans required!

You'll be in good "feet" with Rachel as you dance into the beginning of your happily ever after. Take the first step in time together with the help of our friend and professional dance instructor Rachel Damiani. Oh and before we forget to mention, Rachel is one of our featured vendors at the Date Night Out Event. You'll not only get to meet her, but we hear there will be some dancing going on February 10th!

We hope you're planning on being there!

Photography By: Jennifer Whalen