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Here at Rosetree Weddings & Events, we have a deep-rooted passion for planning. Helping design a wedding that conveys to others the love and emotions that a couple feels for one another is our ultimate reward. Also helping you plan an event of almost any kind. We pride ourselves in helping create a wedding, or event, with you, our client, that evokes sensations of happiness for you and your guests, and is all on budget. We offer several packages, as well as a personalized package, so that you can get the exact services you want. Below is a little more about who we are. All images by Electric Lime Photography!

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Jennifer Rosen. Rosetree Weddings and Events

Jennifer Rosen


Some people have said I live my life with rose-colored glasses on, and I won't deny it. I live for all things wedding and I love every moment of it. My favorite part is your story, your best moments, this chapter that you are writing, and how you got there. When I am not immersed in your story, I am enjoying my own with my family and friends, singing, walking and networking with fabulous vendors. I am first a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to five amazing children.

Anne Blum. Rosetree Weddings and Events.

Anne Blum

Senior Lead Planner

I have always been the planner in my family, from coordinating events with the neighbors to vacations and family functions. While I was serving in the Army and across the country, I noticed myself being more involved with planning. When I think of weddings there are five words that come to mind, and they are; unique, romantic, intimate, enchanting but most of all unforgettable. With my organization, time management, structure and my desire to plan there isn’t anything I can’t accomplish when I set my mind to it.

Kelly Houlehan. Lead Planner for Rosetree Events.

Kelly Houlehan

Lead Planner

I love watching a bride take her first steps down the aisle; it’s the moment where all the planning and details melt away and the marriage begins. That’s my goal for you: live in the moment and let me worry about the moving pieces. I can't wait to hear the unique story you plan to tell with your day and help truly bring it to life for you and your guests. When I’m not fluffing dresses or managing timelines, I love home decor, the Minnesota Twins and snuggling my kitty with a glass of red wine nearby.

Paige Anderson. Creative Director at Rosetree Events

Paige Anderson

Creative Director & Lead Planner

I love wedding & event planning. Working for Rosetree has been a dream come true and I am blessed to get to do what I love every day. Others have told me that I have a keen eye for detail and extravagance, which has led me to where I am now. Creating relationships with the people I get to work with is very important to me, it makes the whole experience personal and cohesive. Being able to help clients create the best day they could have ever imagined makes my heart so happy, and makes all of the hard work worth it.

Christine Seymour. Rosetree Weddings and Events.

Christine Seymour

Lead Planner

I’ve had the pleasure of coordinating events both big and small and have always had a passion for weddings. I am a very detail-oriented person and zealous about seeing all the details come together. My daughter was recently married and I was overjoyed to help plan her dream wedding. Beyond my excitement for weddings and event planning; my strong attention to detail, organization skills and time management will be a perfect match to make every bride’s dream a reality! When I’m not planning weddings, I love to spend time with friends and family, trying new restaurants, listening to live bands, going for motorcycle rides, and traveling!

Ally Leonard. Senior Lead Planner for Rosetree Events.

Ally Leonard

Senior Lead Planner

I am one of those girls that lives and breathes for weddings. As your planner, it’s my job to help inspire you, guide you, and support you as you begin this incredible journey of lifelong love in marriage. Over the past five years, I have gained experience with some of the best caterers, venues, magazines and planners in the wedding industry. With my well-rounded background and extensive attention to detail, I can ensure a smooth and stress-free planning process that will bloom into the wedding of your dreams! When I am not planning weddings, I enjoy blogging, baking and being with my family.

Jamie Jones. Assistant Wedding Planner for Rosetree Events.

Jamie Jones

Lead Planner

I’m a Minnesota girl with a heart full of wanderlust, and I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of the beauty this world has to offer. My favorite part of traveling has always been the heartbeat of each city; its people, its unique story. That's why my favorite part of a wedding is you - your heart, and your unique story. My goal is ensuring that on your wedding day you can focus on that beautiful story, and let me handle the rest. I’m a wife, mother to two boys, and when I’m not planning events I can be found chasing sunsets on the water.

Sam Simon. Rosetree Weddings and Events.

Samantha Lemay

Lead Planner

My Favorite part about a wedding is when the couple says, “I do”. When you find the person that you want to spend forever with, you want your forever to start as soon as possible. The moment they say, “I do” is when their forever begins. My husband and I love all activities where our two dogs can join us. Our dogs have totally stolen our hearts and make the rules. We spend a lot of our free time with our family as family means everything to us. I love DIY projects, practicing calligraphy and spending time volunteering with animals in shelters and rescues.

Amy Oie. Rosetree Weddings and Events.

Amy Oie

Lead Planner

My love for out the box weddings and my adventurous spirit are what drive me to create stunning new trends, rather than follow what's been done! I have an eye for design and love to develop non-traditional and personalized ideas that tell a story. As a small town native, I find joy in the little things in life and appreciate every last detail. If you like to break the mold and celebrate with a panache all your own, then I'm your gal. When I'm not daydreaming of caramel roll cakes and farm sanctuary venues, you can find me hanging out with friends and family or enjoying the great outdoors.

Kristin Wyss. Assistant Planner for Roestree Events.

Kristin Marvin

Assistant Planner

I have had the pleasure of working with Rosetree since the very beginning. I have always had a passion for planning large-scale events. I love creating a vision and then finding the right pieces of the puzzle to make it happen. The element that excites me the most are in the finer, day-of details; and I don’t stop until everything is perfect. I love seeming the smile on the couple’s face when they walk into their venue and see their dream come together. It is such a joy to be able to share in such a magical and monumental day for our client’s lives.

Liz Johnson. Assistant Planner for Rosetree Events

Liz Johnson

Assistant Planner

There’s one moment on wedding day where the world stops and the couple gets to feel as if they’re the only two people in the room, the first dance. This is the most rewarding part of my job. Watching the couple, so in love, get to spend a few minutes without interruption, decisions, or chaos. Events are my passion and I pride myself in authenticity. I truly believe laughter is the best medicine and in turn shapes my laid back, calm under pressure personality. I am an event planner, hopeless romantic, HGTV fanatic, lover of breakfast food and a coffee addict with a passion for travel.

Laura McGuire

Laura McGuire

Assistant Planner

Ask anybody who knows me the first thought to pop in their head…most would say that I was born to plan, organize, and make things pretty. Since I can remember, I have loved making things happen. I have the heart of a creative, whimsical Type B….stuck in the body of a meticulous Type A perfectionist. So the combination of bringing your special day to life and ensuring it goes off perfectly gives me an immense amount of joy! On a personal note, I adore spending time with my family & friends, bugging my husband to help with my latest DIY project, and traveling the world.

Ali Ewy. Assistant Planner for Rosetree Events.

Ali Ewy

Assistant Planner

I have always enjoyed planning events for friends and family. After planning my own wedding I have fallen in love with wedding planning. Its so much fun to see how each couple's personality comes out through the wedding details and vendor choices! Outside of weddings and events I love to spend time with my husband and our dog, Schotzie.

Jordan Schilling. Assistant Planner for Rosetree Events.

Jordan Schilling

Assistant Planner

My favorite thing about weddings is the feeling! The love that you feel in the room when two people are starting a life together. The joy you feel from their friends and family coming together as one for the couple. And the passion I feel for helping create those moments. It’s all about the feels! When I’m not working with Rosetree, I’m spending time with my family or friends! Growing up as a small town country girl, living in the big city has been an adventure! I love to explore and try new things, but I still love to ride and barrel race my horse Martha when I’m not working.

Shay Perry. Assistant Planner for Rosetree Events

Shay Perry

Assistant Planner

My life runs on coffee & people. I believe that every person has a story to tell and I love listening to them. I would truly be the happiest if I could spend every single day listening to people talk while sipping coffee. I’ve always loved planning and paying attention to the little details that will stand out the most. I look forward to working closely with your planner, learning your story and bringing everything together to make your big day everything you’ve dreamed of and more.


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