Mona + Lorzone

Hello Loves! We are SO excited to share Mona + Lorzone's special day with you. This wedding was too unique for words!! Inspired by music festivals, the bride and groom wanted to incorporate a celebratory ambiance that was outdoorsy, open and fun for their guests. Because of their eclectic style, they didn't have a specific theme or color scheme planned, but instead they focused on making sure their guests felt important and loved. "We wanted them to feel like they were coming to a party, not our wedding," Mona said to Style Me Pretty (did you know we were featured on SMP!? Read the full post here)! Their outdoor ceremony was held at the gorgeous Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, followed by a reception at one of the most unique venues we've had the pleasure of working at: Uppercut Boxing Gym (yes, really)! Mona + Lorzone, we couldn't have been more thrilled to work with you on your wedding plans. Your day was so unique and special, just like the people that you are, and we hope that you are enjoying your married life together! xo


From Mona (the BEAUTIFUL bride):

"Our tastes in music, fashion, and lifestyle can be really eclectic so it was really hard trying to channel just one theme or style. We basically pulled our inspiration from everything we loved and because we didn’t have a certain theme or color scheme we were following, I wasn’t sure how everything was going to piece together. It really didn’t matter though. Ultimately, we wanted our wedding to reflect who we were and how important each of our attendees were to us (wedding party included!). We wanted them to feel like it was as much a part of their day as it was ours and focus on how their support for us really helped make our long distance relationship persevere.

We both love attending music festivals and were really inspired by them for our wedding. More so on ambiance than style elements. We wanted to bring that kind of outdoorsy, open, fun, and unified atmosphere we’ve experienced from the festivals by creating a celebratory vibe for our guests. We wanted them to feel like they were coming to their party, not our wedding. For this, we knew our main focus was going to be the venues, everything else would be secondary.

For our ceremony site, we went with the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The greenery and the maze-like hedges gave us kind of a cool Alice in Wonderland feel, which we loved. The greenhouse also provided for a beautiful backdrop for our photos. For our reception venue, we wanted something with an open feel; something that didn’t feel too formal but had a unique style on its own and could really stand out devoid decorations. In addition to that, we needed a space large enough to accommodate 450-500 guests!

We had visited a few locations prior to the Uppercut Boxing Gym, and had a few more scheduled to view, but knew immediately that we would hold our reception there as soon as we walked in. The Boxing Gym is just such a cool space; and large! The exposed beams, the warehouse front, and graffitied courtyard really made it hard to pass. The venue is a statement on its own so we the rest of our décor followed quite nicely.

As much as our focus was on our guests and those around us, the times we had on our own, whether it was for photos or video shots, were still really special. Our first dance, actually, was quite nostalgic. It reminded me so much of the night we first met 8 years ago (9 years now)! We shared a dance the first night we met and just like our first wedding dance, everyone around us just kind of disappeared. For a short moment, it was just again, alone in the world. Moments like that are always so powerful and such a great testament to our faith.

All in all, the moments we shared with friends and family who traveled distances to celebrate with us; the smiles that were captured; knowing how hard our vendors worked and then seeing them out on the dance floor with everyone; the food; the love; the speeches; the perfect weather; the rip in my dress; the mishaps; and the 450 bodies that came in and out were all favorite moments that Lorzone and I will cherish forever. We will always live this night through and through with our video that Chris from Sky Focus Films captured so perfectly.

What are your thoughts about Mona + Lorzone's eclectic and bohemian wedding? Please share in a comment below!

Photography: Tandem Tree Photography | Cinematography: Sky Focus Films | Cake + Decor: Nicole Thao | Ceremony Venue: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden | Reception Venue: Uppercut Boxing Gym | Catering: Bonxai Catering | DJ: Christopher Lee