Rosetree Wedding Tips & Advice: A Modern Twist on the Bouquet Toss Wedding Tradition

For this segment of our new Modern Twist series, let’s talk about the bouquet toss!


You may already know that it is “tradition” for single women to gather around the bride during the reception in hopes to catch the bouquet … signifying she will be the next lucky lady to tie to knot. This goes hand and hand with the /garter toss, as the single men gather to catch the garter, and then the two lucky individuals have a bit of rendezvous while he places the garter on the bouquet recipient’s leg. It’s not uncommon or unusual for couples to do away with this game during the reception (we've actually seen a rise in the number of couples who do away with this and the $1 dance).

If you're worried about being tight for time, or are opting for a four hour reception (instead of five), the bouquet and garter toss, as well as the dollar dances, shoe game, etc can sometimes feel like an "interruption" if you have a guest list that really wants to mingle & party. If you're searching for validation to switch things up- here it is. It's A-OK with us!

However, some couples like the idea of tossing, but either feel it isn’t appropriate for their guest list or feel like it’s an outdated tradition. Hey, it’s your day, we’ll support your choice either way. But say you DO want to toss the bouquet, but need to mix it up a bit to make it feel right to you. Here are a couple of fantastic alternatives (especially if you don’t have many single friends).

Consider tossing the bouquet to married friends. Gather all of the ladies in your life that have already tied the knot and give them the chance to remember what it was like to hold a bouquet. Omit the garter toss all together. Allow the winning couple to share a dance (bonus points if they can pick the song.)

Song suggestions:

  • “Better Together”  -Jack Johnson
  • “You & Me” - Dave Matthews Band
  • “How Sweet it Is (to be loved by you)”

Consider tossing the bouquet to the children at your wedding. All attendees under, say, 15, gather on the dance floor to catch the flowers. They’ll feel like a princess!

Song suggestions:

  • “Happy” - Pharell
  • “ABC” - The Jackson 5
  • “Kids” - MGMT

Consider gathering ALL of the ladies and tossing in honor of love.  Everyone loves fresh blooms, so this is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Why exclude anyone? From your mom to your niece to your high school best friend, get them ALL on the dance floor and toss with abandon.

Song suggestions:

  • “Over the Rainbow” - Israel Kamakawiwoʻole
  • “Shake it Off“ - Taylor Swift
  • "Just Another Day in Paradise" - Phil Vassar
  • “Everything She Does in Magic” -  The Police

Consider carefully choosing a member of your guest list to dedicate your bouquet too. Perhaps your mom never had the wedding she dreamed of. Or your Aunt is like a second mother to you. Or your grandmother who has been a shining example of resilience & dedication. Whatever the sentiment is, it will be thoughtful, memorable and unexpected.

Select a song that has special sentiment to the recipient. Have it play for a few moments before taking over the mic and announcing who gets the bouquet and why.

For the garter toss, you can apply these same ideas. Or just omit it all together!

As always, we're happy to talk through ideas with you on this (and all of the other pressing wedding details that keep you up at night) and your DJ/Band may have some thoughts as well.

Photo by Marc Andreo Photography