Wedding Planning Tips for the Newly Engaged

You may have heard the phrase “engagement season” a time of two. And you may or may not know what that means. In the wedding industry, the holiday season (from late November to early February) means a slew of newly engaged couples eager to get their forever started! January may be our busiest month for new inquiries, but if you’re reading this, it may be YOUR most overwhelming and exciting time in your engagement.

You’re likely spending hours on the various wedding websites/blog out there, browsing Instagram and Pinterest for ideas, checking reviews on Facebook for the vendor’s you’re interested in and perhaps even feeling a little overloaded.  You may have a clear picture of what’s ahead, or you may be swimming in ideas and feel so lost that you just want to wait a few more days or weeks to dive back in. We get it.  We have a few tips for you to keep the wedding planning manageable and on track…


Second- Relax, enjoy and have fun during this brief period. It is short lived. Whether you’re engaged for six months or 3 years, this time in your life with your fiance is fleeting. You should take the opportunity to soak it all in.

Third- Determine if you’re a DIY type couple or a too busy (but still excited) for this couple- knowing your expectations, aspirations, and limitations during this time are so important in this process. The experience should be enjoyed. So understanding what you do and don’t want from the process is important for a myriad of reasons- including selecting your vendors, setting a budget, determining a guest list, deciding who to include in your bridal party, etc.

Fourth- Make a guest list. This is SO important. Your guest list dictates where you can get married, and in many ways, helps you set a realistic budget. The two are intertwined.

Fifth- Set a budget. Make a list of the elements of the day that are important to you- decor, music, food, dress, etc..

Sixth- Contact a wedding planner (you’re reading this, so high-five to you for being ahead of the game). Although your venue and dress are usually a couple’s first major commitments, speaking with a planner will help you gain clarity. Even if you don’t think you NEED a planner, someone who has worked with a variety of couples can give you insight that you may not have considered. Yes, your friends and family are an integral part of your decisions and planning, but you and your fiance are the ones getting married. And someone with an unbiased opinion is just what you need. Most planners, us included, have several package levels. From selecting your vendors (based on your budget) to full-service planning, there is an option for everyone.  We promise it will relieve a tremendous amount of stress for you.

Seventh- Take your time selecting the perfect venue, dress, florist, Dj, etc. But not too much (after all, this is the season when vendors get booked quickly). When it FEELS right, commit. It’s natural to want to shop around. But remember the feeling you had when you knew your other half was the one. You’ll likely feel something similar when you find the perfect vendor for the two of you. PS- make sure they’re licensed and insured. Trust us.

All this said, every couple is unique, and we encourage you to do what is right for you.  For all the weddings we’ve done over the years, the most important advice we can give is to be true to your relationship. Remember that this is the start of a lifetime together.  Despite any stress or worry, this occasion is a day to celebrate the most incredible gift anyone can experience. LOVE.