Minnesota Wedding Planner | Whitney Furst Photography

Hello Loves, *Furst (wink) and foremost, we must admit we ADORE Miss Whitney Furst of Whitney Furst Photography with all of our hearts.* If you have not found a photographer to capture your most treasured of memories, look no further. Whitney not only has an eye for fabulous shots but also captures what the heart was stating in that very moment. Here's a quick meet and greet from us to you with an amazing photographer and friend.

Q. Why are you in love with your job?

W.~ First off, I like to think of my "job" as my career.  My brother once said, "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."  I honestly feel like I'm not working.  I love creating these beautiful images for my couples that will be cherished for anniversaries to come.  It's an amazing feeling to give people memories. Q. What are you loving about the wedding industry right now?

W.~ The wedding industry is so wildly creative.  It's a blessing to be apart of such amazingly like minded people.  I love how willing industry people come together and create such amazing shoots.  It's a great opportunity to inspire newly engaged couples of creative ideas for their wedding day.

Q. What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

W.~ I would say the my favorite part of the day is when I get to take the Bride & Groom alone for their session. When we get away from the hustle and bustle, I love seeing their raw emotions between the two.  It's priceless.  You'll usually hear me say, "I can't even handle the cuteness." (this is true) It's just a real fun time for me.

Second best is capturing ALL the wedding details!!!!Whitney's Advice for brides:

I have two things that I tell every bride. #1. Hire a planner! (**Blush** We did not tell her to say this!) You want to enjoy your day completely.  Let the experts handle it all.  Whether it's just for the day of coordination or for the entire wedding. You won't regret it!  #2. When picking your photography collection make sure you have the coverage piece first.  Choose a photographer that will let you add product on later if need be.  Also if you choose an engagement session, have fun with it.  Capture your relationship.  Whether it's a trip to the farmers market, drinking coffee or taking a hike through the fields.  What screams "your relationship"? Q. What is a crazy fun fact about you?

W.~ I really have to think before I say the word "Pistachio".  It usually comes out "Spitachio".

We love Whitney! (When you meet her, you'll love her too!) She is filled with joy and it overflows onto anyone she is around. And...her laughter is contagious! Are you ready to schedule an appointment with her yet? (you should, wink) She is co-hosting Date Night Out with yours truly, if you can't wait to schedule an appointment. :)