M Studio Flower Affair | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves, Spring is almost here and I can't wait to see the flowers bloom and smell the fragrant aroma that fills my backyard. With flowers on our mind, Rosetree has had the pleasure of working with Meghan, owner and designer of M Studio Flower Affair, for a recent style shoot. She's amazingly talented and we want you to meet her!

Meghan loves floral design because flowers can create ambience and set the mood to any space. We all know flowers make people SMILE! She believes opening her studio fulfilled her passion and dream. Working with flowers and color combos to create the brides vision is Meghan's passion. Each couple has a unique personality and vision for their wedding day. Meghan loves to create floral arrangements to blend with that personality and vision within her client's budget. (Helpful hint, wedding planners work well with florists; they have the same goal in mind.)

Meghan's advice to brides regarding all things floral.......... 1st Most Important ~ The Bridal Bouquet! You see it all day and will be in the majority of the pictures that you will cherish many years to come. Lets make it fit your personality! 2nd Most Important ~ Reception Flowers These flowers will be creating the mood you want your guests to feel. Photography by Emily Steffen Questions Meghan gets asked a lot and giggles every time. 1. “What’s your favorite flower?” My favorite flower is a Lady Slipper Orchid, which is The MN State Flower and I used them in my bridal bouquet. 2. “What flower ideas do you have?” AHHH, I have lots! I dream about flowers and color combos. Let’s just say, if I could only print all my thoughts I would be buying lots of INK!!!

Meghan is one of our fabulous featured vendors for Date Night Out, February 10. Bring your fiancé and enjoy a night out while mingling with wedding professionals. We hope to see you there!