The Wildernesses | Vendor Spotlight

Hello Loves, We would love to introduce you to the enchanting duo who create The Wildernesses. Wildernesses Photography is co-owned by Emily Gable and Jordan Dibb. Partners in life as well as business, they share a passion for capturing the raw emotion and realness of everything that happens during a wedding—from engagement through the big day.

Approaching every event with a photojournalistic eye, Emily and Jordan have one main focus—to provide their clients with images that will last a lifetime. Whether it be capturing still photos or documenting the day through video, the goal—always—is to act as photojournalists and capture your day in the most meaningful of ways. It's because they care so much about the couples they are able to produce such captivating reels that you would find in a cinema. To give you an example, the above video is their "teaser" and below is one of the full videos they produce. Love them both, right!!!  And if you didn't get enough of those two, yes, there is a third one.....creative jeans in this duo, YES, I do agree! They have it! 

If you're still not yet convinced of the Wildernesses, then you must come meet them at our Date Night Out Event.....this Monday....and I'm positively sure their prize is pretty much amazing!